Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Savings and more savings!

We had an enrichment for Relief Society about how to save money and cut coupons each month for groceries. A woman from the Daily Herald came and spoke to us. She has been cutting coupons for years and saving a lot on groceries each month. She even gets stuff for free. So I got excited and started doing the same thing. What you do is get coupons from the Sunday paper and online, then you wait for an amazing sale and then use those coupons during the sale. For example Albertsons had a great sale on cereal so I stocked up. I got cereal for about a dollar a box, or less. You can also ask for a rain check and come back when they have the product in stock. The goal is to stock your pantry. I had already stocked up on cereal a couple months ago, so I had to go through all our cereal and organize by expiration date. I decided to take a picture of some of the pile of cereal that we have. At least we could live on dry cereal if we needed to in case of an emergency. We also have canned foods and other necessities too! :)

Shae's sister Nicole got married!

Shae's sister Niki Fetters got married to Luke Bissell on April 12th in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. We are excited for her and think they are a great match. We are happy to have another Uncle for the kids in the family. It was also fun to have Shae's family in town and the kids loved seeing their Grandparents, Aunt Holly, Aunt Niki and now Uncle Luke from Ohio! We wish they could have stayed longer since we only see them a couple times a year. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Fetters for all you do for us. We love you!

Snow in April!

This picture was taken on April 7, 2008. I am so ready for Spring weather, but I guess Mother Nature is not. I'm ready to take the kids outside more and play. At least Shae is happy. He gets to go skiing more this year.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We had an Easter egg hunt at my brother's house. We didn't paint the eggs, so they are all white. Lizzy and Ali loved finding all the eggs. The girls also got nice sleeping bags, toys to dig in the sand with, and Easter baskets filled with candy. So we are going to have to go camping soon so they can use those sleeping bags. But in the meanwhile they sleep in their sleeping bags on top of their beds.

Lizzy's 4th Birthday

Lizzy turned 4 on February 25 and I'm finally posting it now. For her birthday we got her an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was a cookie dough ice cream cake and it was really yummy! We had a family birthday party at my brother's house. One of Lizzy's favorite presents was skates from Grandma Kathy Bennett. She likes to practice skating outside with her protective pads on. Lizzy is getting so big!