Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We enjoyed spending Christmas with Shae's family. They came and stayed with us. And this year we have a house that everyone could fit in. Thanks for all the presents. We all got spoiled by Shae's parents. We also went sledding at Soldier Hollow again this year on Christmas Eve. We are making it a tradition. One of my favorite gifts from Shae was a new camera. I took these pictures with my new camera.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Preschool Christmas Program

The girls just had their Christmas program at preschool. All the kids were supposed to wear red. They sang a lot of songs, a lot of them with sign language and some with bells and drums. Grandma Bennett got to come and watch too. At the end they went around and said what they like about Christmas, saying and signing it. Lizzy was the first to go and Ali was the last to go. Lizzy said, "We like Christmas lights." And Ali said, "We like Christmas reindeer's." Everyone thought Ali was so cute because she is the youngest and littlest in the class. Their teacher told me awhile ago that Ali is their mascot for the class because everyone wants to be her friend and calls her, "little cutie." But they both did a great job. Afterwards we went to Carl's Jr. for lunch and let the kids play on the slides.


It was bound to happen...one of our children getting stitches. It just happened to be our youngest child who is almost 14 months old. So Wednesday night I was giving Aiden a bath. After the bath I set him on the bathroom floor and put a towel on him. Then he started to walk away and he slipped on the floor and hit his head, right above his eyebrow, on the edge of the tile, where the tile from the bathroom and the carpet from the hallway meet. As soon as I picked him up and saw his cut I knew he needed stitches. Shae confirmed my diagnosis. I then started crying because I felt so bad for Aiden. Aiden, however, stopped crying pretty quickly. Lizzy also started crying and saying that she didn't want Aiden to get stitches. We had to explain to her that stitches will help the wound heal better and quicker than not having them. So I then called my Mom to see if she could come over and watch the girls and Shae called one of the doctors he works for to see if he could stitch Aiden up. So Shae and I took Aiden to their doctor's office. I was still crying a little in the car as we drove over. Aiden wasn't crying at all. But I pulled it together before we got there. Anyway I ended up holding Aiden to my chest while he first got a shot to numb the area and then 6 stitches. The worst part was getting the shot. Aiden would cry off and on during the stitches because he new something was going on. At one point though he actually almost fell asleep because he was so tired! I didn't cry at all while at the office. But Aiden is doing well and doesn't realize he has stitches in. Shae will pull them out sometime on Monday. I am grateful for all the connections we have with many doctors. We didn't have to take Aiden to the emergency room and wait forever and pay that bill. Shae also says that ER doctors don't stitch very well either.