Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bean Museum

Aiden and I went to the BYU Bean Museum on a field trip with Lizzy and Ali's preschool class. That had been the first time I have been there. I have to say it was fun to see all the animals. Aiden loved it too. I tried to get Lizzy and Ali to pose for pictures in front of the animals, but Lizzy was having none of it. So that is why you will see more pictures of Ali. Aiden even stayed in his stroller the whole time and was happy. The preschool children also made the signs of the animals they knew using sign language. It was a fun time. We will have to go back and bring Shae sometime.


We have gotten a lot of snow this year, so Shae decided to build a little sledding hill on our front lawn. Lizzy and Shae were out there for 2 hours playing. Ali was out there for a little while until she got too cold and came in and had hot chocolate. Sadly Aiden hasn't played very much in the snow this year because we still haven't bought him snow pants.