Wednesday, December 5, 2007


For FHE last Monday we decided to take the family bowling. This was the kids first time. We got to the bowling alley and had to wait a little. There were a ton of senior citizens there. So we got a lane with bumpers and started. At first I thought we could easily bowl two games. As time went on I knew it would only be one game. It takes the girls a long time to carry their ball and roll it down the lane. Once Ali did it all by herself and I thought we were going to have to walk down the lane and push the ball so it would make it. But a couple minutes later it made it! At first Ali was upset that she had to take turns and that she couldn't bowl the whole time herself. So we were having a good time and I was taking pictures, using an open lane next to us, when an old man came up to me and said, "Excuse me, we are on a bowling league and are trying to bowl." And I said, "That is why I am using this open lane to take pictures." And he said, "It is common courtesy to not walk up by the lane while people are trying to bowl." So these old people were 2 lanes away from us. So now I had to make sure Lizzy and Ali were seated unless it was their turn to bowl. Which is easier said than done. So that kind of took the fun out of it. We made it through a game and I beat Shae!-which is all that matters! :)

First Snow Fall

So we finally got some snow here in Utah! It snowed on the first day of December. Shae took the girls outside to play and build a snowman. Hopefully I will be able to go skiing a couple times this year. Also Lizzy is excited to go skiing again this year with her Dad. She is getting skis for Christmas! Ali might have to wait another year until she is ready to try it out. We love snow and want more of it!

Thanksgiving Preschool Program

Last month Lizzy had a preschool program about Thanksgiving. All the kids dressed like Indians. They sang songs about Thanksgiving and they all went around saying what they were grateful for using sign language. Lizzy sad she was grateful for her father. Watching that little program I found myself being very proud of Lizzy. She knew all the songs and signs. She is getting so big all of the sudden! I love her and her loud personality!