Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lizzy's 5th birthday

Lizzy just turned 5! I can't believe I will have a child in kindergarten in the fall! She is all registered at the elementary school. So Shae took Lizzy's birthday off of work and we did lots of fun things. First Lizzy brought cupcakes to preschool. After preschool we went to the mall to go to Build a Bear, but Lizzy didn't like any of the animals, so we went next door to the Disney store. The night before her birthday Shae took the girls to the dollar movie to see Bolt. So at the Disney store Lizzy found a huge Bolt dog. Of course Ali found a stuffed cat named Mittens and Aiden got a little dog. We had lunch at the mall and played a couple games, thanks to Aunt Niki who had taken Lizzy to the mall a while ago and bought a game card that we used. After naps we went to Jump On It, thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Fetters. Jump On It is a place where they have a lot of trampolines hooked together and they have blow up slides. The kids loved it. Later in the week we had a family birthday party for Lizzy with a pinata. Happy birthday Lizzy, we love you!


Shae just joined a climbing group where they go climbing on the first Saturday of each month. He has wanted to start rock climbing for awhile now. So he had the opportunity to go ice climbing and took some pictures. Also as a family we went to the indoor climbing gym here on Valentine's Day to have some fun. I have to say Lizzy loved it. She went up and down many times all the way to the top and climbed lots of different routes. Ali went up once and got half way and was ready to come down. I got to climb twice, but then had to watch Aiden and Ali. It was fun!