Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aiden slept through the night!

So last night Aiden slept from 9:15 pm to 7:30 am! I couldn't believe it when I woke up and realized he didn't wake up at all to nurse during the night. We went in at 7:00 am to make sure he was still breathing. I think he slept through the night because he is now eating more solid foods. He had a bowl of rice cereal for dinner last night and ate the whole thing! I also nursed him right before I put him to bed, like usual. Hopefully this will start to be the norm. Even if it isn't, that is fine because he is now usually getting up only once. He is such a good baby! :)

Nice outside!

It was so nice outside that we decided to go out and play today. You couldn't believe that it actually snowed a little bit today, but it did! Utah is famous for its crazy weather. So the girls rode their bikes and then they wanted a ride in our wagon. I thought they all looked so cute, so I took a couple pictures.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We got a lot of snow this winter!

Little Aiden

Aiden is now 4 months old. I love that he smiles at me every time I look at him. I love his laugh. He laughs easily and is ticklish. Lizzy can get him to laugh by making funny noises and even scary roars. I'm glad Aiden isn't afraid of them! Aiden has some hair on top of his head but not a whole lot everywhere else. I've tried to style his hair and got it to stick up. I think I need more practice with boy's hair. His big sisters love him. Lizzy can now stand up and hold him with supervision. Aiden is now eating rice cereal and has tried sweet potatoes and bananas. He is still getting used to eating solid food but enjoys it for the most part. Aiden is a Mommy's boy and tends to whine when Daddy is holding him. Aiden always knows where I am in a room and tends to stare at me when Shae is holding him. Shae is excited when he can move and play more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What we are up to

Lizzy just had her 4th birthday and we took her skiing and to Chuck E Cheese. She is still in preschool and loving it. She is also taking swimming lessons at the Orem Fitness Center. While she is swimming I take our double stroller with Ali and Aiden and go run on the track. Hopefully this will help me loose some baby weight. Ali is talking more and contemplating going bathroom on the toilet. Every now and then she will take off her diaper and go put panies on. But soon she is tired of panies and wants a diaper back on. Soon I'm going to have to go full throttle with the potty training because I hope to put her in preschool in the fall. Aiden is getting bigger and working on rolling over. He has done it twice, but not lately. Ali, Aiden and I are getting over the flu. That has been no fun. I just got done playing women church basketball. It was fun while it lasted. And lately I've been into reading The Golden Compass book series by Philip Pullman. The books are great and the movie was fun to watch. I also love playing our Wii Nintendo and have to brag that I am better at target shooting than Shae is! :) Shae is busy working like usual. He is also playing on the men's church basketball team, which is headed for District. He also goes skiing as much as possible. That's our family in a nut shell!

Worst Blogger

So yes I am the worst blogger in the world. I don't understand how people do so well at updating their blogs, but I guess I would rather do something else. Also 3 kids keep me pretty busy. I update once and then wait a couple months and do it again! So from a little push from my friend Calley, I am finally updating my blog. Sorry it has taken me so long!