Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Boise to go see Uncle Scot perform in Beauty and the Beast. We decided to leave Aiden with family and friends for the trip since he wouldn't have enjoyed the 6 hour drive or the play. (Thanks to Angie and Jason, Gen and Ashton, and my Mom for watching Aiden-you were a life saver!) The girls were actually really good in the car. Lizzy played Nintendo DS and colored and Ali colored, read books, and took naps. When we got to Boise we went out to lunch with Uncle Scot and his girlfriend Megan. Then we went swimming in the hotel pool and then off to Beauty and the Beast. Uncle Scot played Gaston and his girlfriend Megan played Belle. I have to say they did a great job! The girls knew what was going on since they have seen the Disney movie of Beauty and the Beast many times. Ali enjoyed the show up until the part where Gaston got killed by the Beast. Ali said, "I don't want the Beast to kill Uncle Scot. I love Uncle Scot." Ali was distraught until after the show she could see that Uncle Scot was okay and not hurt. We had to keep explaining that they were just pretending. And on the way home Ali said, "I only want to watch a Beauty and the Beast that doesn't have Uncle Scot in it. Only just Gaston." So we thought her concern for her uncle was pretty cute. The girls had a great time. Thanks to Uncle Scot for getting us tickets and a discount for the hotel!

Ali with Uncle Scot and Lizzy with Daddy
Ali with Gaston
Ali with Belle, aka Megan
Swimming at the hotel
Ali having fun in the car
Lizzy playing Nintento in the car

New Member of the Family

My brother Michael and his wife Camille just had a baby girl! Her name is Afton Esperance Bennett. She was a healthy 7 lbs. 7 oz. She has an older brother, Lance, who is 2 years old. Shae and I are excited that we now have a niece and a nephew! Lizzy, Ali, and Aiden are also excited to have one more cousin to play with!