Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dinner in Provo Canyon

We have been trying to maximize our summer by going hiking more and enjoying the outdoors, so we decided to have dinner up in the canyon with our friends Gen and Ashton. Shae has known Ashton for many years, they grew up together in Ohio. We enjoy spending time with them, be it playing games or just hanging out. So we built a fire and roasted hot dogs. We also had yummy strawberries, chips, and ice cream. The girls loved the fire, watching the water, hiking, and getting super dirty. That was a fun outing!

The reason I haven't updated our blog........WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!

So the past couple months have been a little crazy because we bought a house and moved in! It all happened so fast. Shae was always looking for a house off and on and he found one that looked promising on We hurried and made an appointment to go and look at it and a couple days later we put an offer in. They already had a couple of offers, but they liked us as a family the best and probably our offer the best. So it was accepted and we started the process of getting a loan to purchase the house. Luckily everything went pretty well. In our duplex that we were renting we were only on a month to month contract, so that was perfect. Our landlord found a new tenant quickly. So I hurried up and packed the whole apartment up and said goodbye to our old ward and moved. We still live in Orem and it is pretty close to our old place, but in a nicer neighborhood. So to tell you about our house, it was built in 1991. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. One of the rooms we use as a playroom. It has 2700 square feet. We love the big fenced in backyard! It has a new master bathroom, new hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room, new kitchen counters, and new fixtures. It has a sprinkler system and a two car garage. No work needs to be done on the house. We are excited to be here. Now we just need to save up some money to buy some more furniture to fill the house. We also love our new ward. Everyone has been really friendly and we have gotten quite a few treats from neighbors welcoming us. So along with a great house, the old owners left us a trampoline, patio set, tether ball pole, lawn mower, air hockey table, stainless steal refrigerator with ice and water on the door, and a flat screen television mounted in the master bedroom. All for free!!!!!!!! So we are excited to be here. We just got Comcast hooked up so I can now update our blog. We also got a home phone number, so call our cell phone and we will give you our home phone.