Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

This summer, like last summer, we got passes to a pool that is pretty close to our house. I finally remembered to bring the camera yesterday to the pool. We like this pool because it is very kid friendly. Lizzy likes jumping off the side and climbing the poles on the umbrellas. Ali likes to play in the shallow end and enjoys eating the snacks we bring. Aiden loves to crawl around in the pool and thinks he can go everywhere. We are sad that the summer is coming to an end. This is the last week the pool is open so we will probably go everyday. Preschool starts next week. I can't wait! :)


For my birthday present my brother Michael took us boating on his boat. I took the kids so Shae could study for the MCAT. My mom and sisters came as well. We had a ton of fun. I tried wake boarding, surfing, and tubing. My brother Michael even got Lizzy up with him on the surf board. We stayed out all day and the girls weren't ready to come home yet. They really loved swimming in their life vests. I liked wake boarding and tubing. We want to go again soon!

Monday, August 11, 2008


My wonderful husband Shae is turning 31 on August 12th!
Things you might and might not know about Shae:
He was born in Ohio
He is the oldest of 4 siblings
He has always liked his name
He played high school baseball, soccer and golf
He wears a size 11.5 to 12 shoe
He served a LDS mission to the Philippines
He likes to use a fork and a spoon to eat rice
He graduated from BYU in Exercise Science
He works in the operating room, assisting Surgeons
He is very competitive
He has good fashion and decorating sense
He will eat most vegetables if they are sauteed in butter
He does not like canned green beans
He loves to ski, especially telemark skiing
He loves Ebay
He has had many surgeries for his ankle, shoulder, tonsils, and forehead
He loves body pillows
He has a very high IQ
He has better than perfect vision
He is a hottie
He is a great father and husband



Aiden is now 9 months old! Time is sure flying by. So Aiden now crawls all over the place. He likes to bear crawl a lot. He also pulls himself up to stand up. He follows his sisters around the house and can't wait until he can really play with them. Aiden is getting so many teeth in right now, I can't believe it! He will soon have 6 teeth, 3 on top and 3 on bottom. I think I might see 2 more that are about to break out. Even though Aiden is pretty miserable because his teeth and gums hurt, I am kind of glad that he is getting so many teeth right now because he has recently decided he no longer likes baby food and wants to eat what we are eating. He also likes feeding himself. So I try cut the food that we are eating up really small. I just hope he is getting enough calories. Luckily he still likes baby cereal. As 9 month old boys go, I guess Aiden is on the small end. He just had his 9 month appointment. He weighs 18 pounds now, which is only the 13th percentile. For height he is in the 25th percentile. The only thing that matters is that he is healthy. He loves to smile a lot and he still thinks his big sisters are hilarious.