Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Kata, from high school was in town visiting her parents. So we decided to get together with another one of our best friends Jessi, who lives in Logan. We decided to meet half way in Layton at the Olive Garden. It was so fun to catch up after years of not seeing each other. Kata just had a beautiful baby girl and Jessi is about to have a baby girl in about a month. We ate and talked for hours. It was nice to see them. We also thought of two other best friends who were missing; Emily and Laura. But it was great to see and visit with them without our kids. Hopefully we can do that again soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy spring weather

So on Monday it was a nice spring day outside. I think it was in the 60's, so we went to the park and the kids enjoyed playing in the backyard in the dirt with their new buckets and shovels they got from Grandpa and Grandma Fetters. Yesterday, Wednesday, it was more like the middle of winter. We got snow all day and most of the night last night. I think we got about 5 inches at our house. It is good to get all this moisture for the upcoming summer months, but I am ready for spring and the kids are too. We want to play outside everyday and ride bikes! But this is how it is living in Utah and we still love it here! Shae is supposed to go climbing in the canyon on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will hold up. I think later today we will go out and play in the snow and make a snowman.


This year the kids got to go to 3 different Easter egg hunts. The first one was at Debbie's parent's house. The second one we had at our house and the third one was at my Mom's house. We also colored eggs there and had a yummy dinner. The kids also got spoiled thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Fetters. They sent a huge package with new clothes, buckets and shovels, and candy. Shae set up their Easter baskets really early on Easter so when they woke up and came down the stairs they were pleasantly surprised. The girls also had an Easter program at preschool. It was cute to watch them sing their songs. Afterward their teacher came up to me and said she can't believe how well Ali is doing. She said Ali has really good fine motor skills for her age and she really enjoys writing her letters.