Friday, March 25, 2011

Ali Skiing

Shae took Ali skiing for the first time. I guess they only did one run. Ali mostly wanted to hike around and play in the snow. That is okay. At least she had a fun time. It is Aiden's turn next time to go.


Shae and I took the kids to the zoo about a week ago. Our neighbor and friend Diana and her kids Morgan and Colt came with us. It was nice to have almost the whole zoo to ourselves because it was a cold and cloudy day. The kids loved seeing the elephants, tigers and wolves the best. It was a fun time!


Shae and I had the chance to go near Canyon Lands and hike through a slot canyon. We camped overnight and then hiked most of the day. We had to do some repelling down the canyon and that was fun. My Mom was nice enough to watch the kids so we could go. I would like to do it again sometime!