Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ali and Lizzie just finished their fall soccer season. It was sure busy there for awhile. During the soccer season we had two practices and four games per week. I would pack a lunch or dinner depending on what day their game was on and we would hang out at the fields for three hours. Lizzie really loved playing this year again. She is really aggressive and I have had to talk to her about pushing and tripping the other girls. She reminds me of myself! Ali on the other hand, would hang out in the goal and play with the net most of the time. She is not competitive like Lizzie is and that is fine. Ali thought soccer was more a social thing. It was her first year. We will see how she likes it after the spring season and see if she wants to play again next year. It was fun being able to watch them play! I have fond memories of playing soccer growing up and hopefully they will too. I'm sure Aiden will want to play too when he is old enough.

Play group at Thanksgiving Point

While Lizzie and Ali were at school a couple of my neighbors and I had play group at Thanksgiving Point. We had fun visiting while we went and saw all the animals. They have pony rides there and I tried to get Aiden on a pony, but he started freaking out. So I had Katelyn go on a pony. I walked right by her and held on to her the whole time. At first she didn't know what was going on. It was still pretty cute. We all had a fun time!

Utah County Fair

Awhile ago my sister in law, Camille, and I decided to take our kids to the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. We got there early to have the kids ride the rides before all the lines. We ended up having to wait until they opened. While we waited we went and saw a horse show and the different animals they had. The kids also really loved riding the rides. It was a fun day!