Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Fun at 7 Peaks

This summer we enjoyed having a season pass to the local water park 7 Peaks. We usually went a couple times each week. Lizzie especially enjoyed going down the tube slides. Ali and Aiden enjoyed the littler slides and lazy river. It was nice because a lot of our friends and neighbors had passes as well, so we would meet up together. We are hoping to get another pass for next year!

Aunt Holly's Wedding

Just a couple weeks after we returned home from Ohio we flew back for Shae's sisters wedding. Aunt Holly got married to Uncle Ben. The kids loved flying and so did we! It was so nice to get a direct flight instead of driving the 28 hours! Holly and Ben got married in the Columbus, Ohio Temple. The ceremony was great! Afterwards they had a reception at a nearby church. Everything looked beautiful and went great!

Trip to Ohio

This summer we drove out to Ohio to visit Shae's parents while Shae went to Canada for the week on a canoe trip with his old ward and scout troop. While we were back there we had a chance to go to King's Island, which is a huge amusement and water park. We also visited different pools around the area. We had a fun time seeing his family. The kids loving playing with their two cats named Tiger and Emma. The ride in the car was very long, but we survived! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ali Skiing

Shae took Ali skiing for the first time. I guess they only did one run. Ali mostly wanted to hike around and play in the snow. That is okay. At least she had a fun time. It is Aiden's turn next time to go.


Shae and I took the kids to the zoo about a week ago. Our neighbor and friend Diana and her kids Morgan and Colt came with us. It was nice to have almost the whole zoo to ourselves because it was a cold and cloudy day. The kids loved seeing the elephants, tigers and wolves the best. It was a fun time!


Shae and I had the chance to go near Canyon Lands and hike through a slot canyon. We camped overnight and then hiked most of the day. We had to do some repelling down the canyon and that was fun. My Mom was nice enough to watch the kids so we could go. I would like to do it again sometime!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Katelyn's 1st Birthday

Yesterday we had our primary program, so the extended family came to see it. So we also decided to celebrate Katelyn's 1st birthday a couple days early. We had a yummy dinner. Katelyn then opened her presents. She got some fun toys, a soft blanket, and pajamas. I think Katelyn mostly enjoyed her delicious birthday chocolate cake and ice cream!